Providing Encouragement, Support & Spiritual Guidance


The deteriorating mental and behavioral health of our children is largely caused by a lack of close connections to others, as well as a lack of deep connections to moral and spiritual meaning. We offer nurturing relationships as a core principle for each child’s positive development.


Founder Jeff Cheeseborough

Executive Director Jackson Lanterman and his family.


To develop relationships with people, sharing our stories of how God is transforming our lives.


To provide encouragement, support, and spiritual guidance to youth, their families, and their communities
via Idaho's Juvenile Justice System since 1993.

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Serving our community in north idaho

-Making A Positive Impact In the Lives of Young People Everyday-
  • Providing hope with intentional, positive and consistent mentoring relationships.

  • Contributing youth scholarships and funding for critical Probation Department Programs.

  • Helping youth discover truth and freedom through the chaplain program at the Juvenile Detention Center.

  • Our goal is to meet every need.

Be a guide through the ups and downs of life.

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