Juvenile Justice Outreach was founded in 1997 with the goal of supporting, encouraging and providing spiritual guidance to the youth in the Juvenile Justice System. Through the chaplain program at the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) and a myriad of other programs and services, JJO has faithfully served North Idaho for over 25 years. 

JJO’s founder, Jeff Cheeseborough, dedicated his life to this community’s at-risk youth until he passed away in June of 2020. During that 23 year period he made a positive impact in thousands of kids’ lives and kept the community engaged in helping these youth and their families.

Today, JJO continues serving the youth at the JDC and beyond, working hard to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of every youth we come in contact with. We want to make a positive impact on every youth in need in our community while continuing to grow and be creative in the ways we accomplish that goal.

We do this by providing funding for youth scholarships to critical programs and services like counseling, therapy, martial arts and more. We fill pantries and fridges, provide school clothes and supplies, meals and gifts at the holidays and more. We are a partner organization at The Village: Family Support Center and recruit adult mentors for youth in need of positive role models. If there’s a need we’re going to do our best to see it filled.

We are always looking for qualified volunteers with a heart to serve our youth! If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our VOLUNTEER page to find out more.