Volunteer Opportunities!


Find out how you can volunteer your time and make a huge impact in our community.



Current list of ways that you could get involved more directly with JJO to help the at-risk youth of North Idaho:

  • As a mentor with the Juvenile Probation Department
    • Contact Amelia Kirk for more information: (208) 659-6161; ameliawithjjo@gmail.com
  • As a leader at 301 Ministries’ weekly Monday night gatherings.
    • Contact Bob Mann (208) 304-3777 or Jackson Lanterman (208) 292-7955; jacksonwithjjo@gmail.com for more information.
  • As a service provider we can contact to get help for youth and families when the Youth Assessment Center opens in July/August of 2023.
    • Contact Amelia or Jackson to learn more!
  • To help JJO with future events, i.e. the Hope Reins Gala (Equine Therapy fundraiser) happening in July of 2023.
  • Be your church’s point of contact for all things related to JJO! Pass on any important communication to the leaders of your church and congregation, such as immediate needs, future events, calls for volunteers, etc.
  • Thinking of another way you could help us? Get in touch!

Thank you!!!!