What do you believe the Gospel to be?

It is “another gospel” that invites us to change life around so that we relate to ourselves with an absorbing concern to enjoy our value, to others with self-protective caution, and to God with warn appreciation for extending Himself so that we can love ourselves.  It is an approach to living that creates a never-ending Read more about What do you believe the Gospel to be?[…]

Responses from High School students

WHAT TEENAGERS ARE SAYING ABOUT CHAPLAIN JEFF…. “You are awesome!  You really inspired me to think about my talent, and how I can change someone’s life for the better.  I really thank you for that.” Savanah G. “Your story was very impassioned and touching.  I felt that it reached many students, including myself, on a Read more about Responses from High School students[…]

Crisis in Social Meaning

Youth culture throughout the Western world is exhibiting a crisis of social meaning.  Equipping young people to notice, inquire, and interpret helps them to develop a sense of meaning and purpose, leading to involvement and contribution. Engaging young people in conversation can be the most rewarding experience, or it can be the most challenging. It Read more about Crisis in Social Meaning[…]