Ministering in a Different Time

Times are certainly different, and yet God continues to move and make His presence felt throughout our community. I am so encouraged by the number of people who weekly reach out to us wondering how they can get involved. Can they volunteer at the JDC? Can they donate Bibles? Can they become a mentor and be an encouragement in a young person’s life?

For all of us who have put our faith in God, we’ve seen Him come through and provide time and time again in the midst of circumstances that we didn’t understand and were out of our control. Today is no different!

Despite COVID, God’s word is still reaching the incarcerated youth every week, and it’s making an impact. Bibles are being donated and vital programs like Equine Therapy are pressing on during these uncertain times.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support as we go about the work of accomplishing the mission that God has set before us. Join us in growing God’s Kingdom one life at a time here in North Idaho.

God bless you!

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