Our God is an awesome God & He reigns from Heaven above! His Grace & Mercies are forever! I could go on & on & on….Words cannot describe who He is….so when young people ask me why He “allows” evil things to be done to them that traumatize their lives so painfully, I respond with the Truth that without freedom to choose there is no opportunity for Love to exist. This is where the conversations lead to a possible understanding of God’s agenda which is all about Love! The “heart” of the Gospel! The opportunity for young people to ask, be curious & to seek out the Truth leads to our opportunity to share the intentions of God’s desire as a Heavenly Father who invites us to pursue Him that we might discover the perfect & loving plan He has for our lives! Thank you for making me available each hour to minister His Truth to the many phone calls, texts, messages & emails I receive from youth & their parents!

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