Enjoying the Truth!

Because of His great love for you and desire to be in relationship with you, God in Christ has already done everything necessary to make you a saint, from before the world began. (Rev. 13:8, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth). You are, right now, holy, righteous, and pleasing to God. Nothing you say, do, think, or feel (as if you can even control what you think or feel anyway) can make God love you any more or any less than He does right now. He has no more wrath for you, it was poured out and satisfied on Christ on the cross. Ask God to help you accept that truth, to truly believe about yourself what God says about you. It is from being confident in that identity that you can rest in Christ and only from resting in Christ is a life of freedom and victory possible, in fact, it is more than possible, it is promised. A life with an abundance of peace, joy, and contentment.

-Josh Campbell-

Grace Prodigal Project

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