“Dear Jeff”



I don’t even know how to thank you for speaking to my classes the other day.  You are a remarkable person, and you touched me and my students more than you will ever know.  I was blown away by your stories, your faith, your passion, and your dedication to living the best life you can and helping others do that.  I’m sorry I got so emotional, but I could just feel how you were getting through to my students by looking at their faces, and it really touched me.  People need you, and thanks to God that He has put you in the position to be there for people.  I just feel really thankful and blessed that my students and I were able to meet you.

I talked to my students today about what they got out of your presentation, and they wanted to talk all period about how you affected them!!  I wish you could have heard them!  They were all happy and eager to write you a note. They were so grateful and thankful, and many of them asked when you could come again!  I told them that I would definitely invite you back—maybe we could do an art/writing activity about their own individual passions sometime?  They could maybe express what their passions are through writing and art?  Just a thought.  You really made an impression on them.

I hope you don’t mind, but I shared with my husband, Chad, that he just has to have you come to his classes at Woodland.  You might be hearing from him soon!  I really believe that any child who listens to your message will benefit greatly.  Your words might be the ones that make it click in their brain to make the right choices.  I have no doubt that you have saved many lives.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are a blessing to our community and our kids.


Teacher Leslie Odenthal

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