Responses from High School students


“You are awesome!  You really inspired me to think about my talent, and how I can change someone’s life for the better.  I really thank you for that.”

Savanah G.

“Your story was very impassioned and touching.  I felt that it reached many students, including myself, on a deep level.”

Tyler M.

“Some of the things you were speaking about helped me to cope with those things that I have been struggling with.  Thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom.”

Summer H.

“You have inspired me and many others to go after our dreams.”

Shelby M.

“Most adults try and be “real” with us teenagers, and completely fail.  Your honesty, and openess with us captivated all our attention.  That itself is pretty amazing, because high school students are very self-absorbed, and almost never really listen to what others have to say.  Thank you for coming to talk to our class.”

Elena M.

“You made me realize that I don’t need drugs to be “happy” or to have fun.  You are very inspiring!  Thank you!”

Jacelynn R.

“My first thoughts that came out of this are that it was Super impacting, and how I think everybody needs to hear what you have to say.  It would inspire alot of people who are struggling.”

Sara B.

“I thought your talk was inspiring.  It helps teenagers figure out who they are.”

Danyelle W.

“What you said was truly inspiring to me, especially where you said to pursue your passions.  I will remember what you said as I continue to reach for my dreams….I can’t thank you enough.”

Kylan D.

“I never felt guilt until you came and told your story. You really inspired me.  Thank you so much!”

Elizabeth M.

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