Crisis in Social Meaning

Youth culture throughout the Western world is exhibiting a crisis of social meaning.  Equipping young people to notice, inquire, and interpret helps them to develop a sense of meaning and purpose, leading to involvement and contribution.

Engaging young people in conversation can be the most rewarding experience, or it can be the most challenging. It all depends on the topic, and the intentions of those involved in conversing. Social conversations keep things superficial and light, whereas Task Oriented conversations focus on the objectives of the particular task being discussed. Transformational conversations go deeper below the surface and can be confusing, chaotic, and painful. If we discipline ourselves to listen with a compassionate and other-centered focus, we can experience something deeply transforming as we connect at a deeper level of awareness, understanding and community.

Being available and accessible in order to provide encouragement, support and spiritual guidance can be the most loving, hopeful and faithful gift in the lives of our young people as they struggle to make sense of their life’s journey.

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